Here are some of the classes that we are offering for Summer 2012!



Fine Art

For those who seriously want to improve their art skills!

This class will  explore the limitations and freedoms of various materials, provide a great foundation in light, color and design and will include drawing, painting and 3D sculpture.  Projects will focus on self expression through portraits, defining self through individual personalities and objects as well as shapes and composition in nature and  the use of  green materials.

From the artist: “Super fun while laughing and learning through art.”




Hip-Hop Dance

Serious Hip Hop dance training for experienced dancers and newcomers. Boys and girls will work up a sweat while learning and perfecting the Baby Swipes, Cee-Cees, 7-step, 6-step, 5-step, 4-step, 3-step, 2-step, drops, Dolphin, Up-Rocking and Top-Rocking, Knee Drop, Kip Up, Basic Handstand Freezes, Threading, Baby Freeze, Chair Freeze and Combinations. More advanced students will also learn Advanced Top-Rocking, Windmill, Hand-glide, L-Kick and other handstand freezes, Floor Freezes and combos, Advanced Footwork combos, Haloback, One-Legged and Two- Legged Swipes, Coindrop and more!




“And lastly, we learn by chess the habit of not being discouraged by present bad appearances in the state of our affairs; the habit of hoping for a favorable chance, and that of preserving in the search of resources.” -Benjamin Franklin, “The Morals of Chess

Whether you are just starting out or already an accomplished player, you will advance your game in this expertly taught class that takes the game of chess very seriously.




Stand up to bullies and other tough guys. In this class you will learn and perfect self-defense techniques based on tae kwon do and other martial arts. Boost your level of confidence, energy and spirit while learning respect and discipline. Attain higher levels of self defense skills and overall fitness.





Build Your Own Business

Learn how to be a success from start to finish! In this class we will choose a business, build a successful business plan, develop an advertising campaign, manufacture and, most importantly, SELL the product. Profits will be shared by the participants!




Rock Band

For those who seriously want to improve their music skills! Whether you play an instrument or not (but, of course, bring an instrument if you have one!), sing, are a beginner or an advanced musician, this class will improve your musical ability! The Clubhouse Camp expert musicians will build up your knowledge of musical ideas and share important performance tips so that all the music that you make will really rock!


What is fashion? What is in fashion? Do I have good taste or bad taste? Can I improve my look? Can I look cooler? Or hotter? Answer all of these questions and more in this very colorful class!








Learn all about robots. Their history. Latest developments. And participate in building our very own Clubhouse Camp robot. We are assured that the robot will be able to sing every note and word of The Clubhouse Camp theme song!






An expert and experienced drama coach will help you improve all of your acting skills including stage presence, diction, body language and more. This class will perform at the conclusion of each session.



Classes are subject to change. Not all classes available every session.