Directors’ Messages

Hello from the Camp Director

When I was  a little girl, 10 years old, I had the most magical summer of my life.  I went to a camp where I got to choose what I did. No one had ever given me that power before, and every moment of that summer was blissful. I felt grown up, respected and cherished.

I learned a lot. I laughed a lot. I made so many, many new friends. I still remember the things I learned on my violin. At the potters wheel. The Leonard Cohen song in folk guitar. Weird card games. The pineapple juice at lunch.

I wanted to create another place like that, right here in NYC for your kids. Where they can choose what they love, and lose–and find– themselves in the learning and experiencing of it!

I want to surround them with warm and happy people who are also the finest artists, world class musicians, dedicated teachers and successful professionals– who understand that teens and tweens are in that twilight– just coming out of childhood, but still open to wonder and life.

I think we have done this at The Clubhouse Camp.  I look forward to welcoming you–and welcoming your family to become part of ours!

Lisa Mayer, Member, American Camp Association

Hello from the Program Director

As someone once (almost) said, “A summer is a terrible thing to waste!”

Why spend hours a day fighting traffic on a noisy school bus when you can have “the best summer  ever” right here in the City?

Do you like to play music?  Do you like to dance?  Want to earn a belt or two in a hot martial art?  Or learn hip-hop dancing or stand-comedy from the best in the biz?  Or star in the play? Or learn avant garde art?  Or build a remote control car from hundreds of small parts?  Or learn about advertising or law in a fun, stress-free environment? Or….

All in  air-conditioned comfort with a small group of teens and tweens-who will become your best friends!  (Because that’s what we do–we make best friends–all of our campers keep on touch with each other all year long, and year after year!)  Do you like choosing the things you want to do?  Because nobody knows you better than you do and after all the summer should be about what you want to do!

The Clubhouse Camp is all about choice!

You get to choose your morning classes-two per session (six for full summer campers).  Classes are specially designed to run over the course of each two-week session to give you a chance to really get into what you are doing and to take something away that will always be a part of your life.  You get to choose clubs–four per session (twelve for full summer campers).  Clubs are places to do the things you already love (or think you might love) with friends (old or new) who also love (or think they love) the things you love (or think you love) to do.  But if you really love comedy or art or chess or dance or music or electronics or…choose those each session and spend all six weeks doing what you really love most!

“But what about exercise? Don’t I need to exercise over the summer?”

That’s why we start each day with an aerobics or yoga session.  Plus, join the HapKido or Hip Hop classes for another great workout.

“But I don’t like music, dance, drama or art!”

No problem, we have filled the schedule with great classes and clubs for every taste: stand-up comedy, HapKido, electronics, advertising, law, chess, Super Smash Brothers, photography, creative writing, magic, cooking to name just a few.

Plus, we close each day with a signature Sruli and Lisa dj party-with the latest, hottest music and party games!

Plus, plus, expect concerts, shows and other special performances throughout the summer.

Plus, plus, plus, each session ends with an amazing surprise event

So, you want to make great friends, learn great things, and have a great time in a really cool place that’s close to home, well you know what to do-and we can’t wait to see you!

Sruli Dresdner

Who are Lisa and Sruli?

Lisa Mayer and Sruli Dresdner “Sruli and Lisa” have worked extensively with teens and tweens for the past 15 years– since leaving the Advertising world as a Clio-award winning Associate Creative Director at Ogilvy (Lisa) and the Corporate Legal world as an Attorney with Dewey Ballentine (Sruli).
They co-direct the young people’s camp program in KlezKanada in Montreal, and teach and perform regularly at schools, synagogues, churches, community centers and theatres all over the world.
They have appeared on PBS-TV and National Public Radio.
They have headlined at festivals from Cracow, to Jerusalem to Toronto to Dallas; on prestigeous stages like Lincoln Center and the New Jersey PAC, and at fun venues from the Rocking Horse Ranch to the Bronx Zoo.
They are multi-instrumentalists, singers, teachers, danceleaders, magicians and storytellers.
They also perform every weekend at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and Weddings all across the US. They have 3 CD’s and have been called “Superb Musicians” by the Los Angeles Times.
In addition to their 4 older children, they have 2 year old twins– a boy and girl.