Hip Hop Happiness!

Serious Hip Hop dance training for experienced dancers and newcomers. Boys and girls will work up a sweat while learning and perfecting the Baby Swipes, Cee-Cees, 7-step, 6-step, 5-step, 4-step, 3-step, 2-step, drops, Dolphin, Up-Rocking and Top-Rocking, Knee Drop, Kip Up, Basic Handstand Freezes, Threading, Baby Freeze, Chair Freeze and Combinations. More advanced students will also learn Advanced Top-Rocking, Windmill, Hand-glide, L-Kick and other handstand freezes, Floor Freezes and combos, Advanced Footwork combos, Haloback, One-Legged and Two- Legged Swipes, Coindrop and more!

Available Sessions 1,2 and 3 (serious hip hoppers should consider attending all three sessions).

Instructors provided by the world-famous PMT Dance Studios.

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