Build-Your-Own Remote Control Car, Robot, Musical Instrument…

Build your own robot, or remote control car, or musical instrument or…

Start with a box of little pieces, wires, strange metal things and turn it into something that works!  Along the way you will learn about electronics, develop fine motor skills, safety skills and beam with the pride that only comes with building it yourself.  Additional charge for your kit of choice but you get to keep it forever.

Available Sessions 1, 2, 3.

Instructor:  Zach Mayer

Zach has been putting things together and taking them apart (sometimes the other way around) his whole life.  Zach has assisted in helping campers build remote control cars from hundreds of little pieces for many years.  Zach brings his passions for electronics, safety and working with kids to all of his classes.  “Zach was the best thing about camp!”  A former camper.

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